Why Use A Chair Cushion For Desk Chair?

Humans wear built to walk and run. Our spines are straight yet curved, designed that way to support the weight of our heads and yet enable us to walk upright. Through evolution, we went from crawling to walking to running, and it is how we get around.

Yet nowadays, people spent more time sitting than walking. A study shows that the average worker sits for up to 15 hours. It is unnatural for humans to be sitting that long, and it is no wonder that all that sitting has left us vulnerable to diseases of the spine. More people are heading got doctors complaining of lower back pain, ulcers, muscular and joint issues.

It has also led to an increased occurrence of heart disease, diabetes, and depression in the average worker’s mind. But our jobs mean that we must sit, even if it is killing us. But there is always a better way forward. While we cannot all throw away our jobs and run off into the sunset, small steps to improve our standing and reduce the amount of time we spend sitting can go a long way in protecting our health. Making your desk a better place for you is one way to go about this. Here is how you can convert your desk into an ergonomic and healthy space for yourself.

What to do?

Sitting for long periods is unhealthy and draining on people. The average worker can only concentrate for 3-4 out of an 8-hour working day. To improve your thinking skills and your body here is what you can do:

  • Adopt proper posture 

Sitting right can save your life. Force yourself to sit straight at all times. While it may be difficult at the start, you will soon find yourself unconsciously straightening your spine as soon as you begin slouching. Good habits last for a lifetime.

  • Add a seat cushion 

Using a chair cushion for desk chair will help your body distribute its weight and reduce stress on the joints and muscles. A chair cushion can go a long way in promoting good posture and enabling your body to relax even after long durations of sitting.

  • Raise your monitor

A computer is usually placed on a desk that is lower than our eye level. Constant bending of your neck to a lower position can cause it to become cramped, and develop pains in your back and spine later in life. Raising your monitor to eye level makes it easier for you to maintain a straight posture, as you will not slouch to see the computer screen.

Sitting is not the best for our bodies and minds. So, get a great chair cushion for desk chair to make your experience fine. We must always try to move around at frequent intervals. But even if we work a desk job, we can try to reduce the stress we put on our minds and bodies by adopting some simple steps to maintain our health. These steps will go far in keeping us healthy and fit for life.