What you Must Know about Marble Kitchen Countertops

Are you planning to install polished marble kitchen countertops, you must take your time learning more about the material. There are different options for marble countertops you must think about, depending on your supplier and chosen manufacturer. The best marble countertops are the best candidate for making a statement in your home. Its exquisite and exotic aesthetics exudes a stunning appeal in your kitchen. Before you contact a professional countertop installer, here are the important properties of this natural slab:

What Exactly is Marble?

Marble is naturally made from limestone that has gone through extreme heat and pressure. The process’ overall impact is the unique veining patterns and specks of colors around the background of the slab. Since the natural stone is made mostly from carbonate compounds, it readily reacts with acidic solutions and causes etching. Although this is expected of this material, you can eliminate this by opting for engineered marble countertops.

Available Colors

There are various kinds of marble countertops on the market. Some of them include white, beige, red, black, red, green, and pink. Your choice depends on your preference, as well as your home’s décor, and design. But, you can lean on the experts at countertop shops to help you pick the most suitable design and huge for your kitchen.

In terms of contemporary themes, you cannot go wrong with white marble countertops. The majority of customers opt for this one as it amplifies the brightness s and elegant appeal in your kitchen. Such hue pairs perfectly with earth-tone colors for your cabinetry, accessories, and furniture. However, black marble makes a great contrast and focal point if paired with your white or pale-colored cabinetry.

Choosing the Right Finish

When it comes to finishes of marble countertops, the following are your options:

  • Polished marble countertops. If you are like most homeowners, you may want a sophisticated and expensive look in your kitchen. You will choose a glossy marble finish which features a mirror-like appearance that reflects light inside your kitchen. Proper care and maintenance is the key to keeping the shiny and elegant look of our marble kitchen countertops.
  • Honed or matte. This countertop finish suits a high-traffic kitchen countertop. It lets you hide the minor scratch and dents caused by sharp objects and acidic liquids in your countertop. Also, this finish is suitable for bathrooms and other high-traffic areas in your home as it prevents slipping.