The Various Materials You Can Select For Window & Door Frames

When you are looking to replace the windows and doors on the exterior of your home, you have various materials from which you can choose for the frames. Each one has different properties, so you will need to carefully decide what is best for your home and do some research on the various ones you can use. Below are some of the materials you can consider for the frames for your windows and doors that can look fantastic and create a warm and cosy environment in your home.

Aluminium Window & Door Frames

Aluminium is an excellent choice for the frames for windows and doors. It is strong and durable and does not rust, and they are available in an assortment of styles and colours. If you decide on an option such as Origin bi-fold doors, you will also enjoy the fact they are low maintenance. All you need to do is clean the frame surface with water and a sponge, and you are done. You do not have to paint them or treat them as you would with wood, but you do need to ensure they are correctly insulated to prevent heat loss as metal conducts heat.

Wooden Window & Door Frames

You can also select wooden window and door frames as they have excellent thermal properties and do not leak heat as metal ones do. Wood also has a great aesthetic appeal, but a significant drawback is requiring plenty of maintenance. You will need to look at maintaining them every couple of years, and depending on the finish, they may require painting or staining to keep them looking excellent. There are plenty of options available, so there is something suitable for all tastes and budgets with wooden windows and door frames.

uPVC Window & Door Frames

A standard option for many homes throughout the UK is installing uPVC window and doors frames. These frames can be long lasting and require minimal maintenance, and they also have excellent thermal qualities. They are available in a wide variety of styles, colours, and finishes, and they are also a cost-effective solution for your property. However, one drawback is that the colour of the frames will fade due to exposure to the sun and elements. You can often find that the windows are sound but can look unsightly when the colour fades outside. However, you can respray the uPVC windows and door frames using a professional service and make them look like new again, which will cost about a third of the price of replacing the windows.

Composite Window & Door Frames

Another option you may want to consider is installing composite window and doors frames in your building. Composite window and door frames can take the best features from other materials and combine them to give you high-performing windows and doors in your home. They can be strong, secure, hard-wearing, energy-efficient, and last for a long time, and they can also be a low maintenance solution. The cost of them will depend on the configuration you choose for your home, but they can drastically enhance the appearance of your home and boost its curb appeal.