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4 Self-Storage Services You Didn’t Know About

If you have not been to a self-storage facility recently, you might not know that things have advanced since the days when you were only offered a box with a metal door. Clever business owners have adapted to the needs of the public and have slowly been adding services to serve customers better. You can still get a box with a metal door, but you can get much more than that too.

  • Vehicle storage: Watching a classic vehicle fade away in the elements is a terrible thing. Many people have a project car. Or a collectable car that isn’t their daily driver, and as time goes by vehicles deteriorate. Whether it is the salt air or the sun. It just isn’t right to leave a treasured vehicle out in the elements. Many self-storage facilities have made accommodations for vehicle storage. Out of the sun and the rain, and safe from vandals.
  • Document storage: As companies grow, so does their collection of documents. Old documents don’t need to take up space at the office. Storage companies offering self-storage in Melbourne have specialised facilities for document storage. The cost for storing old paperwork off-site, is going to be a fraction of what most companies pay for comparable commercial space in an office building. You might never need to see those documents again, but if you do, they will have been safe and dry and in the dark since you left them there.
  • Mini Warehouses: Some storage companies offer mini warehouses, to accommodate the logistics of companies that have lower inventory throughput. Rather than companies purchasing or leasing a whole facility, mini warehouses are an excellent interim solution as a company grows. Usually the storage company will also have flexible terms, if demand for space increases or drops.
  • Shipping Containers: Containers designed for cargo ships, or sea-cans have been finding all sorts of uses these days. But the thing they were designed for, keeping goods safe and dry, is still the best way to utilize them. People like to purchase them and use them for storage on their own property, but not everyone has that sort of space. These days you can rent a sea-can off a self-storage company and they will deliver it to your location so you can fill it up. Then they will take it back to their facility for storage. It doesn’t get better than that.

Self-storage has come a long way and is now providing some extremely useful services. If you have a business or project that is being held back because space issues. Make sure you investigate some of the modern solutions of self-storage.

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