Safe and Natural Measures to Control Bees

Many people are afraid of bees. Though most of the bees don’t sting unless you threaten them, some are aggressive and leave a sting on you which can cause excessive pain. However, you must know that without bees the whole world will be in trouble. Bees pollinate different types of crops that allow food to grow and there won’t be honey without them.

We need to protect the honey bees. So, if you suspect there is a bee-hive nearby your place, instead of spraying they call pest control Manchester, who can remove them without killing. They provide you quick responses and you can avail of their services at an affordable cost. Their professionals will also teach you how to prevent future invasion.

Steps Protect Honey Bees

A large number of bees are disappearing since people use sprays and gas or burn the hives to kill them. This affects pollination as well as food production. You need to know that there are numerous ways to get rid of bees that are natural as well as environmentally safe. Here are some of the best ways to remove them naturally.


Finding a beekeeper is the best choice to remove the hive without killing the bees. As beekeepers know how to deal with the bees safely, they use measures to keep them alive.


Using smoke is a simple, yet effective way to drive the bees from your place. When bees see the smoke, they think that their habitat is under fire. This creates an alarming sense naturally to leave the hive and have their nest site elsewhere.

To get the maximum result, perform this during night-time only then all the bees will be in the nest. Use cardboard, wood, paper, and other combustible materials to burn them below the hives.

To avoid bees from entering your house, make sure you have closed all windows and doors. Also, make sure you can perform this by consulting your local policies since smoke can cause negative effects on people in your neighbourhood.

Moth Balls

Bees don’t like the smell of mothballs. So, hanging packets of mothballs around the hives and at different places in your yard will keep the bees away from your place.


Vinegar has lots of use and it is effective in repelling bees also. Bees hate the foul smell of vinegar. Fill water and vinegar solution in cans and place them strategically around the beehive.

Citronella Candles

Citronella has a strong smell that can be effective in repelling not only bees but also mosquitoes, flies, wasps, etc., You can easily find these candles in local departmental stores or candle shops. To get maximum effectiveness, light the candle near the hive at night.

It has a pleasant smell, is not toxic, and leaves no residues hence, safe for the environment. You can also change the oil if you want to try a different scent.

Garlic Spray

Bees hate the smell of garlic. Spraying garlic near the hives will discourage them and they will move to a different place. However, make sure you are not spraying right on a bee since it can be deadly to them.

Follow these environment-safe measures to control bees and protect your family and nature.

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