Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets On A Budget – Some Ideas

Are you planning to redo your kitchen on a budget? We know kitchen remodeling is notorious for being expensive, but not all projects have to cost you a lot. You can actually bring about huge differences by making smaller tweaks in cabinet design and style. In this article, we will share some great tips and ideas to help you redo the cabinets without breaking the bank.

Add a pop of color to the cabinets

This is perhaps one of the most straightforward and low-cost ways to add more personality to your kitchen cabinets. A fresh coat of paint can make your kitchen look bright and welcoming. Plus, it does not cost a lot to buy a can of paint and do it yourself!

Add task lighting and under-cabinet lighting

You will be surprised by the kind of different lights you can bring to your kitchen décor. You may consider installing task lighting using the energy-efficient LED bulbs for practical use and at the same time improve the décor. For enhanced mood-setting, consider installing under cabinet lights or dramatic accent lights for the midnight snackers.

Get rid of the doors

If your kitchen lacks space, do away with the cabinet doors and consider open shelves instead. This not only makes the area look roomy but also lets you display your favorite cookware in style. Talk to custom cabinet makers to gain more insight, and tell them you would like open shelves instead of the traditional door cabinets.

Consider Glass Door Inserts

According to a cabinet expert, redoing the cabinets costs 20% less than replacing them altogether. You can improve upon the cabinets by adding glass door inserts that come in different styles, such as crackled, patterned, colored, etched, and fluted. Adding chicken wires is another way to improve the design.

Install roll-out shelves

A custom kitchen doesn’t have to be an expensive proposition. You can make a few tweaks to your custom cabinet to make them more functional and attractive. The roll-out shelves are one of the innovative styles that can be added to the bottom cabinets to create more storage space and keep things well organized.

Include crown molding

When you wish to make substantial cabinet upgrades, consider crown molding to give your kitchen a high-end appearance. The trims add a lot of personality to your kitchen space, and your guests are sure to compliment on how beautiful your cabinets look.

Use the cabinet doors

The back panel of the kitchen doors is often wasted. You can redo them by turning them into a spice rack to add more fun and functionality to your kitchen. It not only frees up the inner space for other things but also helps in keeping your counter space less crowded.

Change the handle colors

Try this. Take a picture of your full kitchen and digitally edit the colors of the cabinet handles. Have you noticed the stark difference the color change creates? A white cabinet with mauve handles gives off a fun vibe, while a white cabinet with gray handles looks classy and neat. Repainting is an easy and budget-friendly way of upcycling your old cabinets. But if you have limited time or the existing cabinet shades still suit your taste, experiment with the handle colors.

Go for monochrome, or try using bold colors

Changing the handle design is also feasible. You have several design choices – recessed pulls, bin pulls, flat-fronted handles, knobs, T-bar handles, or what have you. In the knobs category, you will find a variety of designs, too. To help you pick the right type, one trick is to create a sketch or sample re-styling one cabinet first.

Dress cabinets with wallpapers

Wallpaper designs are too beautiful to dismiss using them for quick and easy kitchen cabinet renovation. Choose a wallpaper print and paste it on the door of your top-level cabinets. You do not want your wallpaper to be in the trajectory of splashing waters. It would be better if you can paste it on the back wall of your cabinet with glass doors (if you have any). This will create an elegant graphical background for your tea sets and cooking pots without so much effort.

Add layers to shelves

Make use of those empty spaces in your kitchen cabinets and add layers of shelves. After organizing kitchen stuff, you will realize some cabinets are not custom-made to your needs. If you find yourself stacking containers and food items on top of each other inside the cabinets, you need to re-layout the space. Add layers and dividers. Ensure that the proportions match your kitchen organizational needs. For cabinets with cramped spaces, create compartments to make room for bulky items.

We hope these points can give you enough ideas to get started with redoing your kitchen cabinets. For more details, please do some research on custom cabinet makers in your area and check their online gallery or catalog to find more ways to spruce up your kitchen cabinets on a budget!