Learn to Install Fly Screen Door through DIY Method and Save Family from Insects


If you live in a warm climate, then your home is a vacation home for a few unwanted guests. Mosquitoes, flies, bugs, and lizards, make the house inconvenient for homeowners. Homeowners do everything to avoid them, they use sprays, powder, cleaning, and pesticide services, but after a few days, you will again find intruders.

It is your home so you obviously can’t leave it to be taken. Moreover, in summers it is obvious people will keep their windows open for ventilation. Even if you have air conditioning, you would still need to open doors and windows for some reason. This is where the role of fly screens comes.

What is a Fly Screen Door?

A fly screen door is a hinged door that is placed in front of your solid or main door. They are like mesh nets but in solid form. They are used to block small insects and flies that cannot be seen through naked eyes. Even if you leave the door open, the fly screen will prevent flies, mosquitoes, and bugs from entering.

It allows cool air and proper ventilation and no chemicals are required as pesticides. The fly screen door also keeps your children and pets inside even when you leave the door open. There are different types of fly screen doors. Sliding door, rigid framed hinged door, and roller cassette door. All of them are convenient and made from UPVC or wooden frames.

Premier Screens provide and install fly as well as insect screens. It is a reputable UK-based company that provides a high-quality product. Whether you want a screen for home or commercial fly screens for businesses, they offer you all sorts of options. For your convenience, they also customize the product.

Installing the screen doors can be done by any company or by using the DIY method. You can find any installer through the internet. Some companies that provide screen doors also provide installation services. Matter of few pounds, but your work will be done efficiently and neatly. If you want to install it on your own, then follow these procedures –

How to Install a Fly Screen Door?

  • Measure your original door. Ensure to keep 3 mm space on all four sides.
  • Once you’ve taken the measurement and prepared a hinged door, position it while keeping the hinges closed. After positioning, place any object at the bottom to keep it upright at the position and then start the installation.
  • Once you have placed the door on position mark the area with a pencil outlining the door frame. Now remove the hinges and align them on the marks outlined.
  • Drill the area up to 1.5 mm deep, where you have marked holes of hinges. Now place the door again to see if it opens and closes smoothly.
  • Now place the door handles, ensuring that the snib is in the upward direction. Now attach the interior door handle and attach them with rods and screws.
  • Check the door handle by placing the key and seeing if it locks and unlocks smoothly. Also, check the snib by rotating it properly.
  • Now place the door properly and screw it tightly on the striker plate. Take the help of a chisel for marking the position of the main door.

While reading this article, you might find installing a fly screen door difficult. However, once you start doing it, you will find it a piece of cake.