Improvements to Consider for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

There are many good reasons to renovate your bathroom, from adding value to your home to updating the style. If you plan on remodelling your bathroom in the near future, a bit of careful planning goes a long way. When you renovate, you should focus on making improvements that will benefit you and your family. These changes to a bathroom can make a huge difference.

Hidden Tank Toilet

Many homeowners have never heard of a hidden tank toilet, it is simply a toilet that has the tank hidden inside the wall, instead of outside. They have several benefits and are worth considering if you plan on renovating your bathroom. Experts in bathroom renovations in Sydney are seeing more and more property owners asking for this feature. They are perfect for creating space when you are remodelling a small bathroom. This smart design also entices buyers when viewing your home.

Textured Shower Floor

Many accidents happen in the shower because of grip problems. The tiles on the floor aren’t that effective at offering grip and people lose their balance on the wet floor. Safety is important when designing a shower, so think about small, textured tiles for your bathroom. The texture will stop your feet from slipping underneath you. You’ll find that ceramic and porcelain tiles give you many styles and features.


Add a tub to your bathroom only if you take baths. A bathtub isn’t always a necessity, especially if you don’t use it. Some will argue that a tub looks better in a bathroom, but most buyers are only looking for a good quality shower area. If you’ve a large bathroom, by all means include a tub. If you’re struggling for space, a shower would be a better option.

Add a Window

How many bathrooms have you gone into that don’t have a window? When you shower or take a bath, heat gets trapped in the bathroom and gradually causes damage. Even extractor fans aren’t a great solution. The best ventilation is natural, and a window also brings natural light into the area which adds to the beauty.

When remodelling your bathroom, it is important to plan ahead. A renovation project should make the area more functional, more efficient, and better to look at. When you plan your next bathroom revamp, take all of the points raised in this article into consideration. There are many great ways to enhance your bathroom and make it more practical for everyone who uses it.