The right roofing company ensures the complete success of a given roofing project. That is why even before beginning to sign and contract the company, one should ensure that they have settled on the right one. The real hustle comes on telling the genuine company from the fly-by-night one which delivers an inferior work disappears. The following factors should be considered before hiring a company to take care of one’s roofing project.


There is an added advantage to hiring a local roofing company. This is because it has familiarity with the local and the national building codes, which guarantee compliance. A company committed to best service delivery, like My Coastal Windows & Exteriors, is sought due to its quality of materials, the utmost quality, and compliance with building regulations.

A written estimation

One way to tell a genuine company from a fake one is by giving their estimates. A genuine construction must and should provide a written estimation when the consultations are made, and this should be highly considered over the one that offers verbal estimations. It should give you the chance to read, ask questions and sign the estimation at an ample time. A company that pressurizes on signing the document even before understanding their service is a red light that is not genuine.


If by any chance by any chance, one starts to experience difficulty in reaching out to the company, then that is a bad sign for a poor company. If there are hard-to-navigate voice prompts, long hold times, or maybe disinterested and rude customer service representatives, the company might not be worth hiring. It may mean they are extremely busy, so they won’t have enough time to answer and even consult with you, or they may just be placing all the huddles to their advantage.

Getting a company that can be easily reached and courteous customer representatives should be one’s goal.

Mode of Payment

A company that insists on being paid through cash is also another sign that it’s not authentic. This is because, with money, there is no paper trail or guarantees, and this makes it a significant risk on service delivery. Presenting a written document during the initial stages of disputes will always be deemed the best approach to win over such incidents. Dealing with a company that tries its best not to have any documents pinned on them shows their quality of not being authentic.


It’s very crucial to verify the necessary and legitimate documents of one company’s interest. This can be done by asking about their tax identification number, business website, physical business address, contact phone number, or email address. A legitimate company should have at least all of the above documents and promptly be displayed whenever an inquiry is made.

The above tips will help identify the authenticity of given companies that one is interested in working with.