Everything A Home Needs To Be A Successful Airbnb

If your home is in a prime location, be it a city’s exciting centre or a quiet rural getaway, you may find yourself interested in creating an Airbnb experience so as to welcome guests and begin earning income from their stay. The premise may seem rather straightforward; promising that you have the space, a guest (or guests) can stay within your home for a fee. Obtaining interest in your property, however, especially in a competitive market, is the real challenge.

Building an Airbnb profile that will generate ongoing and reliable custom requires scrutiny of your home. The room that you offer to a guest underpins their experience and, ultimately, their review. Therefore, to ensure satisfaction, you must consider your property. Here are the features that every home needs to be a successful Airbnb.

Comfortable Bed

The quality of an overnight stay is largely defined by the comfort of a bed. If a mattress is too unaccommodating or a duvet too lacklustre, then you’re offering a poor night’s sleep. Investing in a lavish set of bedding, one with considered tog and an admirable thread count, will see a great return. A high-quality mattress is just as important but can be, understandably, outside of some budgets. In this scenario, a mattress topper can be the best choice, offering impressive comfort for a fraction of the price.

Privacy and Independence

While some guests may relish in getting to know their host, many will feel unease at sharing a living space with a stranger. Offering privacy and independence is a great way to meet your guest’s needs, even if they don’t end up taking them.

Guest rooms can be separated from the house, such as with outbuildings and log cabins, allowing them to come and go as they please, without compromising the host’s personal living space. Even without the luxury of an outbuilding, home’s can offer rooms with features, such as kettles, mini-fridges, and en-suites, to help guests find their own level of comfort and independence.

Great Design

Comfort is only one part of the Airbnb experience. The other is style. No matter how comfortable a property is, without a considered design, one that helps your residence to feel like a ‘home’, your guests will likely be unable to discern their stay from that of a hotel. Be sure to embrace colours, statement designs, and decor. Plants and paintings can go a long way to help a room feel cosy and unique too.

Practical Utility

When travelling, a person will find themselves often requiring certain things: a charging point, freshwater, storage, and a place to comfortably wash. A host should design their guest’s room with these needs in mind. Charging points that accommodate various and even wireless devices are essential, as is storage so that guests can leave their valued belongings in a safe place while leaving the property.


An ever more important feature of homes, especially in a post-pandemic world, is cleanliness. Cleaning your guest room thoroughly is important, as is offering sanitisers and cleaning wipes to guests, even just for their own comfort.