European Kitchen Cabinets: Improve the Look of your Kitchen

Modern kitchens have become a place where people cook, enjoy, and entertain themselves. To ensure a kitchen functions property and meets the need of today’s homeowners, they should have an attractive and beautiful design. Great kitchen design is appealing, functional, and sustainable. To achieve this design, it needs to have beautiful and functional cabinets. European kitchen cabinets can make any kitchen attractive and lively. These cabinets are available in attractive colors and artistic shapes that will add a contemporary look to your kitchen. They are best suited for enclosed kitchens and kitchens that have open floor plans.

European-style kitchen cabinets are ideal for people who want to have a good kitchen cabinet design at an affordable price. These cabinets are made of high-quality materials that last for a long time. Keep reading to learn more about these cabinets:


European-style cabinets for kitchens have the following characteristics:

  • Sleek look. These kitchen cabinets are ultra-sleek and stylish. Their design style resembles the minimalist aesthetics of contemporary style in a way that is clean, well-defined, and streamlined.
  • Smooth surface and texture. European-style cabinets often feature smooth, flat surfaces usually characterized by a highly polished texture. Usually, it’s reflected through the use of high-gloss paints or laminates, plastics, metal cabinet hardware, glass, and vinyl.
  • Lack of ornamentation. These cabinets put emphasis on functionality instead of ornamentation. It does not have any form of detailing like decorative trims, raised panels, crown moldings, and carvings.
  • Straight lines. Their designs concentrate on linear forms, angular lines, and straight edges. They often feature arches, highly-stylized forms, and graceful lines.

Kinds of European-Style Kitchen Cabinets

There are basically three kinds of European cabinets for kitchens.

  • Scandinavian. The special feature of this cabinet is its edge top and bottoms with some carvings. In general, it is made out of pinewood and features simple wooden patterns.
  • Contemporary. These cabinets are not always made of wood. In general, Formica panels are used for giving them a sleek and streamlined look. They come in bright and electric colors such as red, green, and blue. They are made with glass doors that make them look more dramatic.
  • French country style. These cabinets are warm and richly stained to create an intense traditional design. They are even hand-carved to man intricate design. They are often made of wood with a rustic and knotty look.