Coolest Things To Have In Your Room

Your room is probably the best place in your house. It’s a place to relax, sit in a giant bean bag, and just read a book, browse through your phone, or just veg out. If you are looking to give your room that personal flair, why not check out the list of the # coolest things that you can have in your room. 

This list will give you an idea of what to include when you want to take it from bland to awesome. Everyone has their own personal preferences and tastes. So what are some things that you want? 

If you seem stuck on some ideas, don’t worry. We’re here to help you find what will look good in your room (so long as it fits your personal tastes). Enough talk, let’s get to the list:

  • Cell phone and tablet holder

We are on our phones and tablets every day. So why not get a holder for it so you can free up your hands more often? You can sit back, navigate through your device, and be able to use your hands for other tasks. 

Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or an Android phone there’s a holder that will fit almost every device that you can hold in your hand. The best part about this holder is that you can rest it on a desktop and let it sit there while using your desktop computer. Most of them are in great quality, especially at the price they are going for these days. 

  • Giant bean bag

Bean bag chairs are still the “in” thing even after so many decades. They are still comfortable than ever before. You can sit, lay back, and snooze for a few hours. 

Today, they’re bigger and sturdier than ever. Not to mention, they have giant bean bag chairs and beds for dogs as well. Put one in your room and you might have a nice place to relax with your four-legged best friend. 

  • Portable video DLP Mini Projector

Back in the day, projectors were huge and clunky. Plus, they were impossible to fit in your pocket. If we were to tell you 20 years ago that a projector so small that it fits in your pocket would exist, you’d call us crazy.

Guess what? We’re not crazy anymore. They do exist. 

You can connect these to your phone, tablet, or computer. Compared to old school projectors, the picture is brighter and sharper by a large margin. Simply put, the picture quality is just awesome. 

And they are awesome. In fact, there are mini projectors that can adjust to different screen sizes. They can extend from 30 to 100 inches so you can watch your favorite videos and movies in any desirable size. Imagine with one pocket-sized device you can turn your room into a movie theatre. 

Now that you have the projector, now you can pop some popcorn, sit back and watch something. 

  • Bluetooth speaker

There are times when you want to listen to some music. And you want the sound to fill the entire room. Sure enough, you’ll get that with a good Bluetooth speaker. 

Once you are able to connect Bluetooth to it, you can play music from Spotify, YouTube, Google Music, and so many other places. Most of these speakers have waterproof cases, which will mean you can take this speaker to the bathroom so you can listen to music (and sing in the shower). 

  • Bedside lamp with speaker

While there are standalone Bluetooth speakers, some of them are part of something else. You can get a bedside lamp that has a built-in speaker. So you’re basically killing two birds with one stone. 

These lamps have multiple color features so you can choose a color based on your mood or whichever you prefer to create your perfect environment. You can listen to music and the light can move along with the music. 

Of course, these lamps aren’t complete without their built-in sleep timers. You can also adjust the lighting levels so you can keep it well lit most of the night and dim it down as you’re about to hit the sack. 

Final Thoughts

Your room is a place where you can really let your personality shine through. It’s your own personal space where you can decorate it to your own taste. And there are plenty of cool things to have. 

Whether it’s a lamp with a Bluetooth speaker, LED lights, or a beanbag chair you can never go wrong with what you can add as part of your decor. Make it a place where you can walk in and be proud of it. Also, keep the clutter to a minimum if you can help it. 

If you are decorating your room, put together a budget, and browse online for some item ideas. You might find a few that will stand out and vibe with your personal tastes.