Choosing the Right Glass for Your New Iron Entry Door with Glass

Glass, one of the most versatile, visually appealing, and popularly used materials, was discovered accidentally close to 4,000 years ago. It has been used in architectural features and windows for 2,000 years, ever since it was able to be manufactured into the type of sheets we’re used to seeing today in buildings.

A variety of residential and commercial doors incorporate glass, including iron entry doors. However, glass production has evolved to the point that we have a wide range of choices when it comes to style. Of course, for homeowners’ privacy, it makes sense to use entry doors with glass styles that are more opaque than the clear glass we’re used to seeing. So, with that in mind, I’ve put together this piece with an assortment of different glass types so that you can choose the style right for your iron entry doors. Let’s jump right into it.

Glass Styles for Iron Entry Doors

At Pinky’s Iron Doors, we have a beautiful and robust selection of glass styles for iron entry doors, whether you’re the kind of homeowner looking for a bit of privacy or one that wishes to show off their home in all its glory.

Our range of glass styles can be installed to complement any style of door that incorporates glass, including entry doors, patio French doors, interior steel doors, and more. You get to fully customize your door to your liking, which means you to choose which grade of privacy and style best fits your project. Here are some of Pinky’s best selections to complement your premium iron entry doors.


Flemish is one of our newer glass style options and has already proved to be immensely popular among discerning homeowners. Flemish is a visually arresting style that brandishes a flawless satiny wave pattern throughout the entirety of the glass, producing an opaque distortion that maintains privacy without overwhelming the eye. You get a good amount of natural light passing through its waves, giving off a very clean and sophisticated look.


Ribbed glass is one of our most unique and visually stunning styles of glass that will look and feel fantastic on iron entry doors. Ribbed glass offers a very solid and consistent visual throughout the entirety of the glass. Moreover, natural light plays with the ribs in the glass to produce a wonderful effect. So, if you’re a homeowner who’d like a bit of symmetrical consistency in the glass of your iron entry doors, ribbed glass is a great option.


Add a splash of color in your iron entry doors without going overboard with our Tea style of glass. Get a gorgeous, translucent light tea color that still manages to be opaque enough to offer you much-needed privacy.

Ford Blue

Pinky’s Ford Blue glass is a great option if you want a little less light and some more privacy. A tinted glass option with a lovely mirror finish, Ford Blue beautifully complements modern styles of entry doors, providing an exquisite aesthetic with added privacy.


There are fewer things more breathtaking than raindrops slowly travelling down a glass window. Of course, you can’t have rain all year-round, so what’s the next best thing? One of Pinky’s uber popular distortion glass options, Rain Glass. It simulates rain falling down the glass vertically, a pattern that causes enough distortion within the glass to acts as a visual privacy barrier. However, rain allows loads of light to shine through, so you get privacy and the lighting benefits of having glass doors.


Low-E Glass is Pinky’s line of affordable energy-efficient glass for your entry doors. Our Low-E glass is a clear glass option that allows for sunlight to enter your home than traditional clear glass options. The energy-efficient glass will help you save money because while this glass may be clear, the sunlight results in a reflective look on its exterior.


Frost is the most private glass option you’ll find in Pinky’s selection, allowing near-complete privacy—you can only see a silhouette on either side. As a homeowner, if privacy is your primary concern, our Frost glass option is the way to go.


Our Aquatex Glass option is another immensely popular and semi-private glass that allows for privacy, while still allowing light to pass through. Aquatex’s small, cube-like textured pattern gives it a near matte aesthetic.

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