5 Small Laundry Sink Ideas

For many people the laundry room is one of the smallest areas in the home and this can present challenges when it comes to design ideas. The two main issues are usually related to storage and sink positioning. Both of these are necessary in this room, yet once the washing machine is installed there may be limited space to play with. There are many creative ideas for storage solutions, but what about laundry sinks?

You will be pleased to know that there are some great laundry trough and sink options available, which have been created with space saving in mind.

  • Changing The Shape of Laundry Sinks

Given the difficulty of having a standard or oversized laundry sink in the room, an alternative can instead be switching the shape of the sink to maximise the space. A long and thin laundry sink can be custom made and used either horizontally along the wall, or slotted in-between a tight space. This may limit function a little, but it will still prove to be a great option for a small space.

2)  Hideaway Sink

Challenging the idea of a permanent sink is another way to utilise the space that you have in the laundry room. When you think about it, you only really need a permanent tap on the wall, and the sink can be a metal tub which you use for storage. This is a great option for those without a great need for a sink. When the time comes to wash some clothes or clean up some boots, the metal tub can simply be placed on a collapsable wooden stand.

3) Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink may not be hidden away but it can be moved and be used in tighter spaces. Many of these sinks are usually restricted when it comes to ideas, because of the plumbing of the taps and waste pipes. Therefore instead of changing the plumbing, longer hoses could be used with a flexible pedestal sink. This is a great option to avoid being restrained by the existing plumbing.

4) Corner Sinks

Small laundry sinks which are round in shape really don’t offer much in the way of space saving, unless they are mounted under the counter. Mounting in this way however means you’ll lose valuable space there too. A smart solution to this is to maximise the usage of the corners of the room with a sink that fits perfectly into the gap. Individuals rarely use the corners and this could be the ideal space for a sink.

5) Washing Machine Basin

Assuming that the washing machine is not under the counter, a shallow basin on top of the appliance could be a great choice. This kind of laundry trough may not be highly functional but it can be used for hand washing and for small amounts of cleaning. The beauty of this option is that plumbing won’t be an issue, because the washing machine will already be fixed in that space.

Which small laundry sink idea would you select for a laundry with tight space?