March 2022


Tips When You Are Building Yourself A Chicken Coop

When you have decided that you will start keeping chickens on your property, you will have lots of things you need to sort out before welcoming your brood home. You will need to d plenty of research on keeping chickens if you do not have experience with them, but they are relatively simple to maintain. You will need to ensure you have everything they need ready for them when they arrive, including having a suitable chicken coop to keep them safe and secure. Below are some tips for planning and building your chicken coop to help you create something ideal for them to live in, so they are happy and lay plenty of eggs for you.

Come Up With A Plan

The first thing you will need to do is come up with a plan for your chicken coop and ensure your design will be suitable for your brood. You will need to consider how many chickens you will have and whether you will look to grow your flock in the future. You will need to make plenty of roosting space for your chickens and ensure they are not too crowded, and you can get plenty of free designs templates you can consider using on the website

Getting The Materials

Once you know the design of your chicken coop, you will need to go shopping for all the materials you will require. You will need plenty of wood and nails to build your chicken coop, and you will also need wire mesh to enclose them and keep them safe. You can consider getting prefabricated aviary panels to make the construction more manageable, but you can make these yourself, and they are not too complicated. Once you have bought everything you need, you will need to get started in anticipation of your chickens arriving.

The Tools For The Job

You will also need to ensure that you have all the tools you will need to construct your chicken coop and there is not too much that you will need. You will need a tape measure to measure the wood, and you will also need something to cut it with and a handsaw is suitable, but you can also use an electric saw if you have one available. You will also need to have a hammer and plenty of nails, and you will need to consider weatherproofing your chicken coop, so you will need a paintbrush and varnish or paint for the chicken coop.

Assembling Your Chicken Coop

The next step is to start assembling your chicken coop, and it is something that will only require basic DIY skills. You will need to take your time doing, and remember the phrase, measure twice, cut once, to help you prevent yourself from making a mistake. Once you have finished assembling the chicken coop and run, and it is all weatherproofed, you are ready to welcome your new chickens into their home. It may take them a couple of days to settle into their new surroundings, but before long, they will be happily at home and laying delicious fresh eggs once again.

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